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We provide a vast range of software development and IT services

Digital Junction has been providing top-notch software development services to clients from across the globe. We use the below stated technologies to give a competitive advantage over your competitors like never before.

Microsoft Technologies

Our sophisticated services enlist different types of Microsoft technologies with the aim to elevate your business in the market.

Open Source Technologies

Our highly dynamic open source and CMS solutions are crafted that enable companies in acquiring increased control over business value, hence, encouraging swift growth.

Mobile Technologies

We develop mobile apps that are powered by the latest tools and features and designed with the purpose of registering customer complaints and enhancing user experience like never before.

eCommerce Technologies

Our easily customizable and dynamic ecommerce solutions strictly act in accord of your business strategies and fosters you to the level of unparalleled productivity.

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Our team is directed to produce top ecommerce and software development solutions for businesses
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What do we offer?


Our custom software development services are tailored to serve your personalized needs as per the exact nature of your business.


Our prototyping and UX designing experts will ensure the UI output is perfectly compatible and fluently functional across all major platforms and devices.


We create highly engaging web applications that are customizable, scalable, optimized for performance, safe and fluently responsive across all gadgets.


Our mobile app developers are well-versed in developing apps that are simple yet attractive, functional, engaging and serve to be the best problem solver for different business aspects.


We have acquired hands-on experience in integrating different technologies to various softwares or infrastructure with relevant ease and effort.


We use a pre-defined testing process that makes sure the output is adhering to all the client’s requirements in terms of performance, usability and quality.
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Our software development process follows the following steps

Clearly stating the scope of the project

The foremost step in any software development project is to clearly define the project scope—different activities that are required to be completed.

Create a business case

Next we will prepare a business case that will recognize and enlist the core business problem, concern or objective.

Draft an architecture

An architecture or artifact is used for initial analysis to see if the design approach will prove to be a preferred system. A powerful architecture will allow you to locate design risks and counter them in the earlier phases of the development process.

Draft environment

The environment or a platform developed by the combination of hardware and software environment onto which the software will be created. It’s about planning the needed server operating system, databases, IDE, software tools and other constituents.

Prepare the baseline architecture

A baseline architecture will be prepared that will include the business’ policies, processes, practices, interfaces and different relationships to processes, data concepts/entities and relationships to applications, technologies and their relationships to applications.

Rectify vision

Clarifying vision is all about acknowledging the uncertainties in the project, the potential problems likely to be encountered, and what good the solutions will do to the overall project.

Prepare iteration plans and development baseline

A plan will be prepared for each iteration. Every iterating will require a certain level of rework of the current software. The baseline plan will initiate the development followed by each iteration. An intermediate product will be generated from each, while the final one will be created after the end of last iteration.

Refine use cases

A use case enlists a number of events or action steps, normally defining the interactions between a system and a role to accomplish an objective. The next step in the software development project is to define each use case.

Manage control, resources, and process optimization

The resources in hand are required to be optimized to acquire set goals. While the perfect blend of allotted time, resources, and budget is used to achieve the desired results.

Component and acceptance test development

This step calls for component development and acceptance criteria test development. The point is to see if the software is meeting all the pre-decided requirements and standards.

Assess the product on the basis of acceptance criteria

The product will be assessed on the basis of acceptance criteria test result in order to clear all the defects identified during the testing phase.

Implement installation plans

In this step we will deploy the software at different user sites.

Finalize support

Once the installation has been concluded, all the deliverables, documentation and training to the client will be provided.

User acceptance testing (UAT)

After all or most of the defects have been cleared by the system test, the system will be handed over to the client for user acceptance testing.

Availability of the system for the user

The software will be handed over to the client once the user is thoroughly satisfied with its quality and performance.

Modify the product as per user feedback

The software will experience different customizations or alterations as demanded by the user feedbacks.

We provides software development
services for a large array of industries


Our software development processes employs the following technologies
to achieve a masterpiece in output

Angular js
Node js


Angular js
Node js


Angular js
Node js


Angular js
Node js


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Today companies worldwide especially startups are more prone than ever to get left behind in the race of acquiring a competitive advantage. Given the highly aggressive business practices and technological implications, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep your processes aligned, hence, having a negative impact on your overall productivity. This is where Indigenous Solutions steps in! It is our job to provide you top-notch IT and software development solutions keeping your business needs and requirements in mind. We provide custom development solutions as per your specific needs and knows well how to get the best use of different technologies and conduct their integrations in the most fluent manner possible. Let it be business process automations, enterprise portals, enterprise resource planning, or any other software or ecommerce aspect, Indigenous Solutions is here to cater all with the sole aim to elevate your business performance and streamline your organizational processes.

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