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Today the global industry has arrived at the point where the inclusion of applications for customer interaction and engagement is not an option anymore, but a necessity. Realizing the need, several Android app development companies around the world are trying to deliver top-notch android app solutions, but are not necessarily able to live up to the hype. Well the case with Digital Junction is otherwise! We comes as the best android app development agency in Dubai that focuses its efforts in developing solutions aimed to improve business efficiencies, procedural alignments, acquire cost-effectiveness, employee productivity and the overall organizational growth.

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A customer-centric approach that drives innovative concepts into realistic solutions all due to the brilliancy of
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What can you expect from us?

In order to design and develop a killer Android app, one needs to hire an android app development company that not only claims, but is able practically able to showcase the promised talent in terms of a proven track record. This is where Digital Junction steps in! We promise to provide you apps that will ooze creativity and your desired functionality from all corners and get ready to be enlisted at the top of Google Play in no time.

So what should you expect from us? A guaranteed increased visibility that calls for a better-than-before online brand presence all due to the captivating interface and user experience the app has to provide. A great brand recognition acquired from the seamless navigations and clicks will foster exciting engagement from the user while getting to know your brand much closely. A smooth integration of all your product listings in a legible manner without affecting the performance and usability of the app. A thorough and fluent customer engagement in the most entertaining manner possible is one of our topmost priorities when developing an Android app. it is our job to bridge the gap between your audience and your brand.

  • Specific Android UI/UX Design
  • Instinctive Android App Development
  • Cross App Development (Xamarin, PhoneGap)
  • Customized Android OS
  • Services for Android Widget Development
  • Android Custom Launchers App Development
  • Porting Android App or Redesign
  • Test Automation
  • Android App Optimization & Maintenance Support

Android App Development Criteria

From the initial conceptualization to the final submission of the app in Google Play, we follow a transparent and systematic process with ample margin to cater uncertain future changes


Prerequisite Exploration, Tech Feasibility, App Monetization

User Interface / User Experience

IA, Wire-frames, Model Strategy, User Interface Design, Micro-Communications


Model View Controller Units, Develop Wireframes & Sustainable Modules, Describe Database, Network & User Interface Layers


User Interface & Functionality Development, Incorporation, Backend Development, Android App Code Assessment, Reflective Examinations, Component Analysis


Unit, Serviceable, Incorporation, Usability, Performance Analysis on Cross Platforms

Beta Release

Continuous Incorporation, Informal Release, Testing, Response Adjustment.

App Final Check

App Submission Checklist, Information, App Visuals Review, Screenshots, Video, Icon, App Store Optimization

App Submission/Distribution

App Submission, App Store Approval Assessment, App Transfer Assessment, Post Approval Testing, Enterprise Distribution, Custom B2B, MDM

Post Launch

Monitor Crashes, Actionable analytics, Use Engagement Support, App Marketing Support, Optimization, Continuous Improvement


Why you need to choose Digital Junction for your Android Apps?

Given the diversity in the Android platform, not every company is able to contain the plethora of requirements for different devices and deliver as promised. The case is utterly indifferent for Digital Junction! Being the leader among the best Android app development companies catering a global client base, our developers are well-accustomed in understanding the complex requirements of Android OS and various devices to craft the most powerful solutions all for the benefits of businesses and their overall organizational growth.

We have a highly committed staff of more than 60 app developers that are directed to create not only core Android apps, but hybrid or cross-platform apps too that acquire the same proficiency in running across all major platforms with equal ease and fluency. With the advanced use of Android SDK, Android Studio, etc., our developers know what it takes to create problem-solving masterpieces worthy of enhancing the reputation and performance of even the best companies worldwide.

Business Benefits With Us

  • Hire the best and most knowledgeable Android developers for your project
  • Extensive experience in creating 250+ Android phone and wearables apps
  • Gripping the app development industry since the emergence of Android SDK
  • Top-notch services for simple to the most complex apps
  • A guaranteed 40% to 60% budget saving as compared to the cost of working with in-house developers
  • A technological excellence providing end-to-end mobile solutions
  • A proven track record of working with adaptive engagement models
  • A robust source code protection
  • Limiting investments in software, hardware, infrastructure and gadgets
  • A firm control over the existing development criteria and procedures
  • A quick and flexible accessibility over exclusive IT skills
  • A 100% confidentiality
  • Eliminating the risk of unavailable resources, important data theft and other commitment uncertainties from Android development freelancers
  • Ongoing maintenance and a thorough app support tokeep the customer interaction and engagement undisturbed

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Nowadays android phones have become a dire requirement both in our professional and personal lives. Besides serving the fundamental purpose of communication, these devices have presented a vast battleground of opportunities for digital companies around the globe. As businesses today are striving more and more to accomplish a better than ever customer interaction and engagement, Android app development industry is right on the trend to present the advantages that will influence corporate decision-making processes and other business related processes. Realizing the need, Indigenous Solutions—an unprecedented hub of experts excelled in android app development, is here to serve clients from all industries and promising them some real and out-of-the-box solutions to enhance their operational productivity and overall business growth.

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